Welcome to Reef Online

This is our 1st blog post, we are also going to use this as our About Page as it fits both.

1st of all we would like to say hello and thank-you to those who are involved or have been involved in getting us to where we are now, it’s been a long process, but it is starting to bear some fruit.

Who we are

We are a small team of 3 with a passion for bringing great corals and fish to our customers, backed up by our excellent customer service that’s our ethos, nothing complicated about it.

We believe we have the knowledge skills and passion to really help our fellow hobbyists, as that’s who we are 1st, we are here to help the hobbyists get the best service and products for their money.

Services we offer

Why are we doing this

We started this off as a hobby project in a back-garden in the middle of July 2017 and quickly found out we had something to offer the industry.

The industry is not unlike other industries; meaning there are some who think that knowledge is power, or view themselves as elites within the aquarium world.

We are taking the other approach and making this all about the products and customers. We provide the knowledge for free if we can help someone, we will.

Another approach we have is to make our products as affordable and competitive as possible, if we are not the cheapest out there, please let us know, this may not be possible on all products, but we will endeavour to beat the prices of as many of our competitors as possible.

Services we offer

We provide corals of all shapes, sizes and colours, they are available in-store and we have mail order corals where we can post out and back up our product with our arrival guarantee. We stock, LPS, SPS, Mushroom and Zoa’s, they come in coral colonies’ and frags.

Tropical and Marine Fish, we are adding to our fish stocks weekly, just now we have marine fish in stock with some clean-up crews.  Fish is available in-store and in coming weeks we will be looking to offer shipping on some marine fish/clean-up crews.

In the coming weeks, we will be adding tropical fish to our stocks.

We also have access to an aquarium manufacturer, so if there is a custom aquarium or standard sized aquarium of varying glass thicknesses you are in the market for, then please let us know.

Dry Goods and other peripherals, we have accounts with some of the major suppliers in the industry, we can order various peripherals, please see our shop for what we can provide, if what you are looking for is not visible please drop us an email at info@reefonline.co.uk.

So once again, welcome to Reef Online, we hope you like the services we offer.

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