Who wants to run their own marine/tropical business

So hobbyist, any of you had thoughts of running or being involved in your own marine/ tropical business?
We have an opportunity for someone passionate about the hobby to come in and be part of our Reef Online Team.

We are growing every day, we have excellent potential, but we need an extra pair of hands to help with the running of the shop, also help with collecting accurate information for the website if you can blog even better.

There will also be a requirement to help drive the business forward using social media, so any marketing guru’s out there!!
All in all, it’s a team effort.

These are the ideal characteristics we are looking for:

  • Drive and ambition
  • A go-getter, not someone who sits on their hands
  • Passion for the hobby
  • Resilience, as starting a new business is never for the faint-hearted.
  • Some ideas on how business operates (an understanding)
  • Available to help in the shop with John

We have invested a fair amount of blood, sweat, tears and money into this business to get it to where it is today, we did have someone working with us, but unfortunately, this never worked out for various reasons, hence this opportunity.

We are only interested in talking to serious people, no time wasters please, we are offering someone the chance to buy into a business for a percentage, and we have stock and more stock on the way.

Just now the team consists of 2 people; we have known each other for many years.

John has the knowledge in this hobby area and loads of drive and enthusiasm to make a success of it, he is very hands-on and is well respected as someone with excellent knowledge of this hobby.

Myself (Steven) I bring IT and website development skills and knowledge of how the internet and Google work, my aim is to get us on page 1 of Google for our chosen keywords (which we are for some already) and drive traffic and increase our online exposure.

We both have different skills, but we meet in the middle and work extremely well together, we feel this is a great opportunity for someone to get in on a new but growing business in an industry sector that is also growing.

We are looking to offer 20% for a min of £6K, the money will be used for marketing and more stock.

To have a conversation with us, please drop us an email at info@reefonline.co.uk.

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